Rıdvan Dilmen predicts Fenerbahçe to face Aston Villa in UEFA Europa Conference League Final

Rıdvan Dilmen evaluated the match in which Fenerbahçe defeated Gaziantep FK 1-0 away. Rıdvan Dilmen made notable statements regarding the month of May, specifically about Fenerbahçe.

Renowned commentator commented on 's 1-0 victory against Gaziantep FK. Dilmen used assertive expressions for the month of May.

Dilmen stated that Fenerbahçe struggled more than expected in the Gaziantep FK match but still emphasized that the Yellow-Navy Blues dominated the game.

The famous commentator praised the moves made by coach Ismail Kartal, saying, “Ismail Kartal's move was a move of a coach aiming for the championship. He had to do it, and he made an excellent move.”

Rıdvan Dilmen provided advice for Ismail Kartal's ideal starting eleven, suggesting that the successful coach should bench Tadic and play İrfan Can Kahveci.

Furthermore, Rıdvan Dilmen mentioned that Fenerbahçe could emerge from the month of May with three trophies.

Aston Villa vs. Fenerbahçe UEFA Europa Conference League Final

The renowned commentator stated that after , he sees Fenerbahçe as the favorite in the . Expressing that he also watched Fiorentina, Rıdvan Dilmen said, “In my opinion, there will be an Aston Villa-Fenerbahçe final.”

Dilmen conveyed that President Ali Koç burned the ships for the championship this season, saying, “I haven't seen such a broad and quality team in many years.”

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