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Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç’s suggestion for the Super Cup!

Murat Kurum, candidate for Mayor of Istanbul, visited Fenerbahçe Club. Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç made a suggestion about the location of the TFF Super Cup, which was canceled in Saudi Arabia.

final between and , originally planned to be held in Saudi Arabia, was postponed due to Saudi officials not allowing banners and T-shirts featuring Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The location of the Super Cup final became a matter of curiosity in light of this situation.

Ali Koç advised Murat Kurum on the Super Cup

, the candidate for from the Justice and Development Party, visited Fenerbahçe Club. offered advice on the location of the Super Cup during Kurum's visit.

Koç: “Let the Super Cup be played in the earthquake zone”

Ali Koç said to Kurum, “As a politician affiliated with the ruling party, our request from you is to propose that the Super Cup be played in the earthquake zone. I think it would be very beneficial.”

Tournament for the first anniversary of the earthquake disaster

Additionally, Ali Koç mentioned that they are planning a tournament in Istanbul featuring veterans of major teams and nationally recognized retired players to mark the first anniversary of the earthquake disaster, with the proceeds going to earthquake victims. Koç spoke on the subject.

“We won't forget our citizens there; we won't let them be forgotten. We've already talked to the TFF a little while ago. Hopefully, with joint efforts, we can organize this event. It might become so successful that it becomes a tradition. We're starting to work on this already,” he said.

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