Goalkeeper İrfan Can: “We go out to win every match.”

After the victory against Adanaspor, İrfan Can Eğribayat spoke to the broadcasting Tv channel A spor.

İrfan Can, evaluating the match, called on Fenerbahçe supporters regarding the film “Zaferin Rengi,” which focuses on the resistance for independence of the Turkish people, united by football victories and uplifted spirits.

Regarding the match, İrfan Can Eğribayat said, “It was a very emotional encounter for me because I played against Adanaspor, the team whose jersey I wore for 13 years, from the age of 9, including the youth team. It was also the first time my daughter attended one of my matches. She has always been very lucky for me since her birth. Born on June 1, we had won the cup on June 11. She has a trophy before turning 1. Hopefully, she will win more trophies.

“We go out to win every match. Today, we provided a visual feast for our fans. We are focused on an important match this weekend. Of course, we really want to become champions in both Europe and the Turkish Ziraat Cup, but our primary goal is to win in the league. So, we need to pay a bit more attention to league matches. We will be playing matches consecutively. Hopefully, we continue our streak, widen the point gap, and achieve a happy ending at the end of the season,” he assessed.

Responding to a question about jersey competition and rotating squads, İrfan Can said, “It was the same last season. Let’s not forget the credit of our coach, Jesus. He always used to field rotating squads at the beginning of the season. Firstly, we have a beautiful team atmosphere. Thanks to Coach Ismail, he tries to approach everyone in the same way. Even if Livakovic plays, he calls me to his room and talks. He does the same for other positions. Another advantage is that we have 2-3 very quality players who can play in every position. This does not create any problems when we rotate. We go out to win every match, and thankfully, we are winning.”

Regarding the film “Zaferin Rengi,” which will be released on February 16, İrfan Can said, “The poster for our film ‘Zaferin Rengi’ will be released tomorrow. We are eagerly waiting for it. Our fans are probably waiting too. We expect a good response from our fans,” he said.

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