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Sports writers assess Rade Krunic’s debut performance!

Sports writers have commented on the debut performance of Rade Krunic, the new addition to Fenerbahçe from Milan, in the yellow and navy team.

In the Turkish Cup 5th round match where Fenerbahçe defeated Adanaspor 6-0, new signing also played. evaluated Krunic's first match performance in the yellow and navy team.

: “Apart from Krunic's assist, it wasn't a game where he made himself very noticeable, but that's natural. In a setup with Szymanski and Fred, he will demonstrate his difference with two quick players. Towards the end of the match, we also had the chance to see him as a center-back, with Bartuğ as the right-back.” (HÜRRİYET)

: “Krunic lacks match fitness. If he increases his tempo, he will showcase the experience difference and reading the game advantage between him and İsmail.” (SABAH)

: “Eyes were certainly on Krunic. The long-awaited ‘number six' met his jersey in a low-difficulty match and the night in Kadıköy. Young Bartuğ was also there with him. They received maximum help from Bonucci behind them and Mert Hakan in front of them. Interestingly, Bartuğ took on more responsibility, while Krunic preferred to control the gaps in the second zone and be a passing bridge.” (SABAH)

Faik Çetiner: “It is difficult to make a clear comment on new transfers Krunic and Bonucci when the opponent is not resilient.” (FANATİK)

: “It may be related to the opponent's strength, but Rade Krunic's calmness, cool-blooded passes, and reading of positions were quite positive. In the 63rd minute, when İsmail Yüksek entered the center, Krunic moved to center-back. He finished the match at center-back without sacrificing his simple and risk-free style of play.” (FANATİK)

: “Krunic is physically ready, and his environmental control is very good. He contributed to the third goal scored by Batshuayi.” (SÖZCÜ)

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