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“Zaferin Rengi” Film Poster Unveiled

The poster for the eagerly awaited film "Zaferin rengi (The Color of Victory)" has been released.

The poster for the film “ (),” featuring renowned actors such as , Nejat İşler, Yiğit Özşener, , , and , depicting the national struggle, has been revealed.

The film revolves around Football Team's victory in the Cup on June 29, 1923.

Renowned poster designer Emral Yücel's signature is on it.

In a statement on Fenerbahçe's website, it was mentioned that Emrah Yücel, a world-famous poster designer known for his work on Hollywood productions such as “007 James Bond,” “Fifty Shades of Gray,” “Avatar,” “Kill Bill,” “Frida,” and “Kingdom of Heaven,” has designed the poster for “The Color of Victory,” a film depicting the national struggle.

The epic saga of resistance written with football in occupied Istanbul

The highly anticipated film “Zaferin Rengi (The Color of Victory)” tells the story of the real events that occurred between 1918 and 1923, based on the national struggle initiated by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Anatolia, growing in occupied Istanbul, and focusing on the Turkish people's resistance for independence, united through football victories.

To be released on February 16

The film, which will conclude with the Harington Cup, one of the most significant football achievements in Turkish sports history, will meet the audience in theaters on February 16.

The poster of “Zaferin Rengi” features a background depicting occupied Istanbul in the colors of Fenerbahçe, with football and portraits of the leading actors portraying the symbolic characters of the football and national struggle era.

Here is the poster of “Zaferin Rengi” film:

Zaferin rengi poster

A powerful poster conveying an epic story

Regarding the poster that emerged after a long process of thinking and creating, award-winning designer Emrah Yücel expressed that he worked with great care to create a powerful poster that conveys this epic story, emphasizing that poster design is one of the most memorable tools in epic films.

Starring top actors

In addition to Kubilay Aka, portraying the main character Galip Bey, the founding member and legendary captain of Fenerbahçe, and Gülper Özdemir as Peyker, the film also features strong performances from screen and cinema's powerful actors such as Nejat İşler (Sabri Toprak), Timuçin Esen (Topkapılı Cambaz), Yiğit Özşener (Mustafa Kemal Paşa), Gonca Vuslateri (Vera), and Birce Akalay (Halide Edib Adıvar), bringing to life the political figures, intellectuals, military figures, and heroic athletes of Turkish football history.

Directed by Abdullah Oğuz

Scheduled to be released on February 16 and directed by Abdullah Oğuz, “Zaferin Rengi (The Color of Victory)” will transport the audience back to Istanbul a century ago with its performances, set design, makeup, and costume designs.

Trailer for “Zaferin Rengi (The Color of Victory)” film:


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