Ferdi Kadıoğlu: “I trust my teammates”

After the match where Fenerbahce drew 1-1 with Samsunspor in their own field in the 21st week of the Turkish Super League, Fenerbahce's successful player Ferdi Kadıoğlu made statements.

The statements of Fenerbahce's left-back are as follows:

“I believe we experienced an unnecessary loss of points. We needed to be a bit smarter in the set-piece situation, and we needed to be more careful. Ultimately, we are currently in the first place, regardless of our opponent. Therefore, we need to focus on ourselves right now and be ready for the match we will play on Wednesday in the best way possible. Football is like that. In some matches, you experience a loss of points, and in some matches, you win. Ultimately, we need to focus on ourselves. We should concentrate on the next match. Of course, we will evaluate our mistakes, the areas where we went wrong, and work on them. But I trust my teammates. As I mentioned, we will focus on our next match in the best way possible.”

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