Reaction from Fenerbahçe to the referee scandal in the Başakşehir match!

Fenerbahçe executive Selahattin Baki expressed dissatisfaction with the referee decisions after the Başakşehir match.

Super Lig leader Fenerbahçe won 1-0 against Başakşehir in the 22nd week match with Batshuayi's penalty goal.

Fenerbahçe executive criticized the referee decisions after the RAMS Başakşehir match.

Reaction to referee decisions

In his statement, Selahattin Baki said, “Despite squandering extremely generous opportunities, putting ourselves under stress in the match, we managed to secure the 3 points with a penalty situation that was 100% justified. Our march towards the championship continues. While the penalty situation was so obvious and 100% a penalty, we really couldn't understand Çağdaş Hoca and the entire team's reactions. Because we know how these perception matters work in Turkey, it has already started. Let's go back 15 minutes, there was a clear penalty situation for Batshuayi. How does VAR not call for that, for example?”

Selahattin Baki continued his words, saying, “Nine minutes after Batshuayi's situation, the broadcasting company showed the replay. This is a situation contrary to live broadcast. Let everyone stand against us as they wish; we will continue our march towards the championship. Those waiting for a fragile Fenerbahçe will have to wait much longer.”

“Hostility towards Fenerbahçe has started to cross limits”

Selahattin Baki said, “Regrettably, I say that Deniz Türüç, our former player, has emerged as the main actor in some tensions. Hostility towards Fenerbahçe has now started to cross limits. For now, I say shame on them. The fans and the Fenerbahçe community have taken note of this.”

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