Lyon doesn’t give up on İsmail Yüksek transfer!

Fenerbahçe's national footballer İsmail Yüksek has been on Lyon's agenda for a while. The French club has one week left for İsmail Yüksek's transfer.

, who has gained applause for his performance at , is one of the popular names in the transfer market.

is one of the clubs pursuing İsmail Yüksek.

Although the French team continues its negotiations for the national midfielder, they have not achieved results yet.

Lyon's Plan B

According to Foot01's report, Lyon initially aimed for Nemanja Matić in the midfield, but their chances diminished significantly when Beşiktaş entered the scene.

In response, Lyon activated their Plan B, and İsmail Yüksek remains on their agenda.

However, the French believe that the competition in the transfer market has increased the price of the national footballer.

With one week left in the winter transfer window in France, it remains to be seen whether Lyon will take a new step for İsmail Yüksek during this period.

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