Ismail Kartal: “We controlled the game from beginning to end”

Fenerbahçe's head coach, Ismail Kartal, shared his thoughts after the victory against Ankaragücü, stating, "We were in control of the game from the start until the final whistle. The win could have been more convincing. They had difficulty entering our penalty area."

Leading in the Turkish Süper Lig, Fenerbahçe hosted Ankaragücü, securing a 2-1 victory with goals from Cengiz Ünder.

Following the match, , the coach of the yellow-navy team, provided his insights.

Ismail Kartal, Fenerbahçe's head coach, remarked post-match, “We prepared well for the challenge against Ankaragücü. We dominated the game from the outset to the end. The victory could have been more emphatic, and they struggled to breach our penalty area. Ultimately, it's a competition. We earned the 3 points and continue our journey.”

In his continued statement, the head coach added, “We engage in pre-match discussions with the players we plan to field. We ensure that those in need of rest get it. We aim to continue with a slightly more diversified approach, avoiding overburdening the same set of players.”

Ismail Kartal's Press Conference

After the match, Ismail Kartal, speaking at the press conference, provided information about transfers.

In his statement, Ismail Kartal said, “We are looking for a local striker. There are a few candidates. The club is continuing negotiations regarding this.”

The experienced coach continued, “Livakovic apologized after the goal we conceded. It would have been better if he didn't come out. He made that decision at that moment, and that's how it happened. These things happen in football. In the end, we won. İrfan Can Kahveci needed rest. He had been playing while sick for the past 2-3 weeks. I completely rested him for this match.”

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