Jayden Oosterwolde’s representative speaks!

Amidst claims that Fenerbahçe's Dutch defender Jayden Oosterwolde has received a transfer offer from Italy's Napoli, the player's agent has responded to the rumors.

It was alleged that , a Serie A team in Italy, is interested in 's defensive player . , Oosterwolde's manager, responded to transfer speculations regarding the Dutch player.

“Oosterwolde is a modern defensive player.”

Speaking to Radyo CRC, Blakborn reminded that the 22-year-old player had previously played in Italy, stating, “Jayden Oosterwolde is a modern defensive player who has also played in Parma. He is extremely physically strong and very fast. He played wonderfully with an attacking tendency as a left-back, and now he also plays in the center of the four-man defense. He has ambition, strength, and quality,” he said.

“We have not met with Napoli for Jayden.”

Jose Blakborn answered the question, “Have you met with Napoli?” with, “No, we have not had any meetings with Napoli so far. I do not know if Napoli is interested in Jayden. But if an offer comes, it would be interesting for both me and Jayden. I think in the future, Fenerbahçe will also want to sell him, but for now, we are talking based on assumptions,” he said.

“Oosterwolde wants to play for Napoli for at least 3 reasons.”

The manager, stating at least three reasons why Oosterwolde wants to play for Napoli, said, “Firstly, he knows Italy. He loved Italy when he played in Parma and will return here. Then, he believes Napoli is a great club, and finally, as someone who puts his heart and passion into this job, he can define himself well in a place like Napoli. So, he would very much like to go to Napoli, but there are no talks at the moment,” he said.

“Milan does not have a special interest.”

Blakborn, answering the question “Do you have an interest in ?” said, “Yes, because I help many players at Milan. Milan knows Oosterwolde, knows that he is my player. But Milan does not have a special interest in him. We are not discussing this matter,” he said.

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