İsmail Yüksek: “We came here as leaders, left as leaders”

Fenerbahçe player İsmail Yüksek made statements after Fenerbahçe's 2-0 victory over Antalyaspor in the away match.

Reflecting on his synergy with Rade in the matches they played together, İsmail Yüksek stated, “We are fighting for the same crest, the same jersey alongside Krunic. The name on the field doesn't matter; what matters is always the crest. We, on the field, try to give our best until the last minute, both Krunic and I, as well as our other teammates. It will always be like this.”

“Challenging away game”

“Speaking of the match, it was a very challenging away game. We competed against a good and a good atmosphere. It was very nice for us to leave here with a victory thanks to the support of our . It was a crucial turning point, and we had to leave with a victory. We came here as leaders, wanted to leave as leaders, and we did. We are very happy. We are approaching the end of the league; time is getting shorter. The time is narrowing down. Now, we are heading towards final matches. Every match is a final for us. We need to forget about this match and focus on the matches we will play ahead. We have a this season. Everyone is fighting towards that goal. We will continue to fight.”

Ismail Yüksek

“We are a very valuable team”

Emphasizing the value of every player wearing the , İsmail stated, “We have a very valuable and experienced team. Those playing here are truly experienced and are trying to give their best under the jersey. It doesn't matter who plays; what matters is this crest. Everyone on the field will fight for this crest. The length of the league is gradually shortening. We will slowly start playing one match a week. This will be good for us.”

“Stadiums in our country are beautiful, but the pitches are poor”

Making a general assessment of the pitches in Turkish , İsmail Yüksek said, “I have a few things to say about the pitches. We have excellent stadiums in our country; we have stadiums with beautiful atmospheres, but I cannot say the same about the pitches. Today, it's the same, I don't know what they are trying to do. But if we are more careful, if the maintenance is better, this country can provide a very good football spectacle to the viewers. We need to be more careful.”

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