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5th Invitation from Fenerbahçe to Galatasaray: Let’s discuss live on air!

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç responded to the statements made about him by the eternal rival Galatasaray's President Dursun Özbek.

issued a statement through the 's official channels.

In the statement, Ali Koç extended a broadcast invitation to Dursun Özbek.

In the statement, it was said: “In response to the statements made by the President of Galatasaray Club; regarding issues such as Project, Separatism, Pathological, Victimhood narratives, issues such as seizing your club, facts related to FETÖ, the appointed president, and all ongoing agendas between our clubs, instead of reciting poetry from afar, I invite you to appear for the 5th time on a live broadcast wherever you wish, with whoever you wish to bring along. Of course, if you have the courage…

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