İrfan Can Eğribayat: “We have a very nice family atmosphere”

Fenerbahçe, the champion of last season's Turkish Cup, advanced to the quarter-finals by defeating Gaziantep FK 2-0 in the last 16 round of the Turkish Cup.

After the match, Fenerbahçe’s goalkeeper İrfan Can Eğribayat made statements.

In his statement, İrfan Can Eğribayat said, “As someone from Adana, I felt the earthquake very closely. I pray for mercy for those who lost their lives. We had a brother who became a martyr. I brought his jersey with me. Ahmet Eyüp Türkaslan. I remember him with respect. I try to do my best in every match I play. I’ve played in 10 matches, and in 7 of them, I kept a clean sheet. The team’s success is always in the foreground. Whether we go to the stands or stay on the bench, we support the ones playing. There is a very nice family atmosphere. I hope I can continue to contribute to my team.”

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