Top Club in Turkey: Fenerbahçe rises to the summit in Global Rankings!

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics has released the latest club rankings in world football. According to this, Fenerbahçe ranks as the 26th most successful club globally with 189 points, securing the top spot in Turkey. In the championship race, their rival Galatasaray could only manage to be 52nd.

has been breaking records this season and excelling in significant , making them the best in Europe. Under the guidance of coach , they stand as the highest-scoring team in official matches among the top 15 leagues in Europe with 103 goals. Additionally, their away performance with 11 victories and 1 in 12 away games makes Fenerbahçe the best in Europe in away statistics. The Yellow-Navy Blues have made a mark with their performance in the year 2023.

In the world rankings published by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, Fenerbahçe shares the 26th position with English giants and . Previously, they were at the 30th spot. In Europe, Fenerbahçe stands as the 18th most successful team. Ismail Kartal's team also holds the title of the best Turkish team with 189 points.


Apart from Fenerbahçe, no other Turkish team is present in the top 50 of the list. , the reigning champion and a fierce contender with Fenerbahçe this season, is at the 52nd position with 167 points. In the list of the world's most successful clubs, Beşiktaş is at 105th place, Adana Demirspor at 191st, at 240th, and at 263rd, representing our other teams within the top 300.

Fenerbahçe has been on the rise in the UEFA Club Rankings for the past two seasons. In 2022, they were at the 107th spot, rising to the 58th position last season. Currently, Fenerbahçe holds the 56th position.

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