İsmail Kartal’s warning to his players!

Fenerbahçe continues its preparations for tomorrow's match against Alanyaspor. The technical boss of the Yellow-Navy team, İsmail Kartal, delivered important messages to his students ahead of the crucial match.

During the recent session, 's Technical Director İsmail Kartal held a special meeting with the players in the defense, providing information about the opponent's attacking actions and explaining how they should play. In recent weeks, the Mediterranean team has been using Efecan Karaca as a false forward, directing the wing players towards the center to disrupt the balance of the opposing defense.


İsmail Kartal said, “The most important thing is for the center-backs and full-backs to communicate constantly during the match. The opponent's wing players try to break free from marking and create danger by getting between the center-backs and full-backs. If we communicate, we won't have problems. Additionally, we need to be very careful about the defensive lines. If someone loses their position, we must immediately fill the gap,” he stated.


Despite Alanyaspor's recent lack of form, İsmail Kartal emphasized that they are not weak in terms of gameplay. The experienced coach said to his players, “We will face an opponent who attacks quickly. They can swiftly bring the balls we lose into our penalty area. Therefore, we should be careful about ball losses. I am confident that with the support of our biggest asset, our , we will win as long as we play without losing our motivation for the entire 90 minutes,” he added.

Rodrigo Becao


The Brazilian player got injured in the match against on October 29. Since that date, , who has been away from the field, continues his individual training. The 28-year-old defender is expected to join his teammates shortly. İsmail Kartal, however, is not in a hurry regarding his student's return.

The successful coach is waiting for Becao to be fully ready due to the wide rotation in the center-back position. After the Samba player becomes match-fit, he will have to fight hard to regain his spot in the team.

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