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Important statements from Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç in a live broadcast!

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç made significant statements on İsmail Küçükkaya's program on Halk TV in a live broadcast.

Koç announced that the postponed match between and Fenerbahçe would be played after the local elections on March 31.

This morning, Fenerbahçe Ali Koç answered İsmail Küçükkaya's questions on Halk TV. Koç mentioned the low tolerance level of the fans, which sometimes creates tension, and stated that they expected the Super Cup to be played in April. Koç also hinted that Kadıoğlu would leave the at the end of the season.

Responding to questions about the club's situation and the race, Ali Koç said: “The community is fragile, especially since the process starting after is tense, and the tolerance level is low due to the longing for championship. Even during the period when we collected the highest points in the club's history, murmurs begin when the matches get tight. If a championship comes, we believe it will help overcome this. In some seasons, certain clubs were intentionally made champions. We cannot explain Fenerbahçe's situation solely for sporting reasons. You have seen that support was given to some clubs. We want success to be experienced on the field, and external factors to be minimized.”

Reminding that they lost points in 5 matches in the league, 4 of which were at home, Koç said, “We always experienced the most sorrowful match results at home. Hopefully, we will break this as well. Our fans have returned to their factory settings this season, but the baggage we have been carrying for years can manifest itself when things get tough. There is no need for pessimism. We can be back in the lead in 3 days.”


We paid a heavy price on July 3, both financially and morally. We are still paying for it; what we have experienced in the last 10 years is evident. This stance is more important than anything else. We confronted FETÖ at its peak. No one was with us at that time; we stood firm. However, no one is reconciling with us. Our bus was shot, and it's still an unsolved mystery.


The film or documentary of the July 3 period must definitely be made. There is no example of such a thing because football in Turkey is not a sector for clean people.


The community is fragile, and there is a longing for the championship. Even in a year when Fenerbahçe collected the highest points in its history, there is murmuring when a goal is delayed. We will overcome this with a championship.

Ali Koç


In the last 13 years, Fenerbahçe has only one championship. You cannot explain this only with sporting reasons. I am talking about both the era and our era. In some seasons, certain clubs were intentionally made champions. You saw the support given to some clubs. We believe football should stay on the field.


Some part of the community has become pessimistic. I tell them to relax. More points will be lost, and our opponents will also lose. We are experiencing our golden age in non-football branches. Fenerbahçe is competing for the top everywhere. Of course, disappointment is greater when championships slip away in various fields.


The time has come for me to leave the presidency. I came for two terms. There are many obstacles for Fenerbahçe to become champions. These obstacles increased under my presidency. In the Super Cup incident, there are many stakeholders; they targeted us selectively. I have new information… When TFF reported this to Ankara, they marked us. We will get to the bottom of this. That's why I am once again asking our state; who is telling the truth, who is lying, investigate.


Emphasizing once again that he will leave the presidency at the end of the season, Ali Koç said, “I came for two terms. Fenerbahçe already has many obstacles in front of winning the championship, and these obstacles increased when I came.”

Ali Koç


Ali Koç also spoke about the Super Cup match, which was planned to be played in at the end of December but was postponed due to controversies. Koç stated that Fenerbahçe was wrongly blamed as the culprit of the crisis and criticized the Federation (TFF):

“The Center for Fighting Disinformation (DMM) makes a statement about the Super Cup, but stakeholders do not provide correct information. DMM served disinformation. The new information I received also worried us. Our federation also pointed us out when reporting this matter to Ankara. This is not an issue that will fall on us. We have no information about the contract between TFF and Saudi Arabia. The least guilty are the Saudis. They have already set their own limits. If you had informed us, either we would not have gone, or precautions would have been taken accordingly.”

Ali Koç


Announcing that the Super Cup match will be played after the local elections, Koç said, “It is definite that it will be played in April. We are waiting for a planning from TFF to make our own plans, but we still have not received definite information.”


Ali Koç also signaled that Fenerbahçe's successful player Ferdi Kadıoğlu will leave at the end of the season. Speaking about the future of the 24-year-old player whose contract will expire in two seasons, Koç said: “Young players go to Europe very early. Hopefully, this won't happen to Arda Güler, but almost all of them returned. You need to go to the right place at the right time. Ferdi has developed very nicely, but now it's time to start a new story. My thought is that Ferdi will embark on a new journey at the end of the season.”

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