Ali Koç: “We are competing with a team accustomed to being made champions.”

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç attended the opening ceremony of the Gelsenkirchen Fenerbahçe Supporters' Association. Koç made statements on the agenda.

Ali Koç made remarks at the opening of the new branch of the Gelsenkirchen Association, making a reference to . Koç addressed the penalty issue that Ahmet Çakar talked during his refereeing days.

“You cannot explain what we have experienced for sporting reasons.”

Speaking about July 3rd, Koç said, “You cannot explain what we have experienced since July 3rd for sporting reasons. No one can explain what we have experienced for the past 10 years for sporting reasons.”

Reference to Galatasaray from Ali Koç: “Accustomed to championships”

Making a reference to Galatasaray through Ahmet Çakar, Koç said, “This year we are competing with a rival. We are competing with a accustomed to being made champions. A recently spoke on TV. In 1997, was the leader. A ridiculous penalty was awarded in the last minute.”

“They play fiercely against us.”

Addressing the performance of former players, Koç said, “When a club gives its former players to another club, there is not so much speculation. Our former players play more fiercely against us. A said that someone who says what I have done cannot become a president for us. We have a president who has taken our club to execution, cannot become president again. Our nature is different.”

“There was an attack on the coach, players, and us after a draw.”

Speaking about the in the match, Koç said, “Times change but being a target does not change. Therefore, we need to show an unprecedented unity. İsmail Hoca and the players achieved an unprecedented point in our history. There was an attack on the coach, players, and us after a draw. Believe me, we are cutting the branch we are sitting on. But once we become champions, believe me, more will follow.”

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