Strong Reaction from Fenerbahçe to TFF’s Icardi Decision!

Fenerbahçe Executive Selahattin Baki made a statement regarding the 1-match suspension given to Galatasaray's striker Mauro Icardi by the PFDK.

Selahattin Baki, a member of the Fenerbahçe Board of Directors, issued a statement regarding the 1-match suspension imposed on Galatasaray's striker by the for his gesture towards the during the match.

In a post on the yellow and navy 's social media account, a photo of with Icardi was shared, accompanied by the following statement:

“The story of a 1-match suspension for the SHAMELESS gesture towards opposing fans is hidden in the admiration in the photo…

We said there was no other example, and this stance displayed by those who should be impartial.

This injustice, which disregards the rules and could affect the championship race, has never been seen so blatantly in favor of a before.

Today, we are at a point where words end!

This disrespect is not only towards the Ankaragücü fans but also towards Turkish sports and all sports enthusiasts.

Those who govern under the umbrella of Mehmet Büyükekşi and the TFF;

The public has once again witnessed that all your decisions, both on and off the field, are made with the reflex to favor a team and make that team a champion.”

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