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Fenerbahçe’s Strong Response to Galatasaray: “A Deliberate Trap Triggered”

After Galatasaray Club's announcement containing baseless lies against Fenerbahçe, Fenerbahçe Club has issued a response statement.

Here is the statement from :

We are making this statement in response to some statements made by Sports Club Dursun Özbek about our club yesterday.

Firstly, we would like to emphasize that we do not expect either Dursun Özbek or the current Galatasaray administration to maintain a competition within sportsmanship or, at the very least, within moral boundaries.

The culture of the mentioned club is based not on sporting competition but on favoritism, protection, and privileged treatment.

However, no matter how much they are protected, it is evident that this club is in a dubious position in the public conscience.

After about 13 years since , attempting to set up a new plot against our glorious club using FETÖ tactics and methods is a legacy of their characters that have survived from the past.

It seems that Dursun Özbek is confusing which club was directly targeted by FETÖ and which club is trying to take advantage of this attack, mixing up the efforts to “stand up with prayer and support.”

We remind this person once again: Throughout its illustrious history, Fenerbahçe has never removed players from posters or had to extract footage from documentaries.

We have to remind because, in the best way they know, instead of facing their faults and apologizing to society, they try to plan, as they are accustomed to, to blame someone else systematically with perception manipulation and lies.

Therefore, we consider the words spoken yesterday not as “nonsense” or “foolish expressions” but as the signal flare of a deliberate trap.

To anyone, especially Dursun Özbek, who thinks they can harm Fenerbahçe using the tricks they learned from a treacherous organization, we openly say:

Against the treacherous FETÖ organization, Fenerbahçe, standing alone with its community, was the first to resist and thwart their vile aims.

As long as those who attempt this persist, each member of this glorious community will not hesitate to fight against the perpetrators of these vile attacks with the same determination and enthusiasm from the past.

We firmly believe in sporting competition and sportsmanship until the end.

Additionally, the mission of our club's DNA is to uphold the spirit of the War of Independence and to protect our national integrity and values even in the toughest conditions.

With the powerful strength that comes from our DNA, we are determined to make those with malicious intentions regret their actions.

Respectfully announced to our community and the public.

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