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Will Aziz Yıldırım be a candidate for Fenerbahçe presidency? Abdullah Kiğılı has revealed!

Abdullah Kiğılı, former executive of Fenerbahçe, evaluated the possibility of former president Aziz Yıldırım running for candidacy in the club's elective general assembly in June.

While is in a title race with on one hand, lively days are also ahead of the elective ordinary general assembly to be held in June.

The of the yellow and navy , , announced in recent days that he would not be a candidate.

For now, the only person rumored to run if Ali Koç does not continue is .

It is claimed that , the former president who is not enthusiastic about returning, may change his mind if Sadettin Saran becomes the sole candidate.

Aziz Yıldırım's close friend and former Fenerbahçe executive spoke to Patronlar Dünyası about this matter and said the following:

“If Fenerbahçe becomes champions, it won't be possible for Ali Koç to leave. If there is no , he will leave. If Ali Koç leaves and Sadettin Saran becomes the only candidate, Aziz President will run. Aziz President, who expelled Saran from the club once upon a time… What will happen next? Aziz President will say, ‘Come on, friends,' and we will take on the duty.”

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