Cengiz Ünder: Let the opponents worry, not me!

Cengiz Ünder, one of Fenerbahçe's stars honored at the Aydınlık Gelecek (Bright Future) Awards, confidently reiterated his statements after the Hatayspor match during the ceremony.

Having received the Awareness Award of the Year with his Nutuk gift to teammates on October 29th at the Aydınlık Gelecek (Bright Future) Awards, Cengiz Ünder made statements during the organized ceremony.

Cengiz Ünder, one of 's stars attending the event, said, “A very special night for the Fenerbahçe community. I am happy to be here. I am also excited to receive the award” he said.


Commenting on the upcoming match against SG in the Europa Round of 16 on Thursday, Ünder said, “We will face a tough opponent. They are the leaders of the Belgian League. They have shown a good performance lately, especially against Liverpool. Hopefully, we will achieve a good score in this match. We have a that can do it,” he said.


Asked about the match against on Sunday in the league, Cengiz gave the following answer:

“We want to go as far as we can in the Conference League, and one of our biggest goals is to reach the final. After that, we will think about the Pendik match. In that match, we also want to display good football in front of our . We are currently in good shape, and I believe we will show this both on Thursday and Sunday.”

As for his style, Cengiz said, “I discuss these matters with my close circle and my girlfriend. Generally, I try to do it myself and follow it.”


In response to a question about his statements after the Hatayspor match, where he scored and his team won 2-0, Cengiz Ünder said, “The I scored was similar to the opportunity I missed against in the cup. I missed it there, and I scored here. and I had talked about it. He generally delivers beautiful crosses to the back post. He is a very useful player for us. I always believe I can score when I pull inside. Opponents usually try to close my left foot, but that's not a problem for me. They can try as much as they want. I trust myself. We have 10 league matches ahead. In these matches, I will once again show the goals I scored with long shots to our fans,” he said.

When asked about these statements during the award ceremony, Ünder replied, “They usually try to close my left foot in matches. I have speed and strength, and I can easily go past them from the right side. Let them worry, not me.”

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