Selahattin Baki’s Inspiring Words on Fenerbahçe’s Title Quest

Selahattin Baki, a member of the Fenerbahçe Board of Directors, made noteworthy statements at the awards ceremony organized by 1907 ÜNİFEB.

Board Member attended the award ceremony organized by 1907 ÜNİFEB. Selahattin Baki, in his remarks, used striking expressions.

Emphasizing that it was a positive evening for him, Baki said, “During my fan days, I witnessed the establishment of ÜNİFEB. My dear friends are among the founding members. Back then, Fenerbahçe was the bright face, and today it is still the bright face. In this quarter-century, I have seen many of my friends take important positions. I have always seen that they never forget Fenerbahçe, that they try to contribute to our Fenerbahçe. I still see it. Therefore, tonight, I am both happy and feel that I have aged when I see old friends. I am very happy to be invited.”

Baki, praising the players transferred this season, spoke highly of Kadıoğlu and Ünder, who attended the event. He said, “Choosing your favorite child is like choosing for me. They all contributed. Cengiz solved many matches for us with his velvet foot. Ferdi plays wherever you put him like a locomotive. The players we transferred from the Balkans this season also made a huge contribution. The right names are here. Whoever came today, it was not a problem for me.”

Selahattin Baki, evaluating the remaining part of the season, said, “The length of the league has shortened. The support this year is tremendous, and the support to be given afterwards; we are a completely different community. It is very important for us to become champions this year. In the last 10-11 weeks, we have European matches and cup matches in between, but there can be serious ups and downs. Let them continue to stand by us. They are beginning to see how much we struggle with external factors. Let them watch the movie ‘The '; they will realize how Fenerbahçe has been molded in those times, with its Atatürkism and Turkish nationalism, we are such a special community. We will make this champion with the support we will give in the stands. We are a community that is born Turkish, and with Allah's grace, we are ,” concluding his words.

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