Injury Update: Good news from Ismail Yüksek

Fenerbahçe's talented player Ismail Yüksek suffered an injury in the final minutes of the Union SG match. The condition of Ismail Yüksek, who had to leave the field on a stretcher, has now been revealed.

Yüksek got injured during 's Europa Round of 16 first-leg match, where they defeated SG 3-0 away.

After the final whistle, dropped to the ground and had to be stretchered off the field.

Meanwhile, the condition of Ismail Yüksek has been clarified at Fenerbahçe.

According to Sabah's report, the examinations showed no issues with Ismail Yüksek.

It was emphasized that the cramp in his leg was a result of the high effort Ismail Yüksek put into the game.

Ismail Yüksek is expected to join team after a period of rest.

The 25-year-old player, who has participated in 40 matches in all competitions this season, contributed with 1 and 5 assists.”

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