Fenerbahçe: The Comeback Kings of the Turkish Super Lig!

Fenerbahçe managed to secure 6 victories and 1 draw out of the 8 matches in which they were behind in the Super League. In this regard, Fenerbahçe ranked second among the top 10 teams in Europe's largest leagues. The Yellow Canaries also held the best position in the league with 19 points collected in these matches...

In this crucial phase of the season, Fenerbahçe is providing extra excitement to its . For Kartal and his students, matches don't start with a 1-0 deficit. Most recently, falling behind against with Halil Akbunar's header goal, the Yellow and Navy managed to leave the field with a 4-1 victory at the end of the 90 minutes. Fenerbahçe clearly demonstrated its strong desire for the with this persistent attitude.


So far, the Yellow and Navy team has achieved victory in 6 out of 8 matches where they faced a score disadvantage in the league. In this aspect, Girona, a Spanish team, leads the top 10 leagues in Europe with 7 victories. Fenerbahçe, along with Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Braga, secured the second position. The Canaries obtained 5 of the 6 victories at their home ground.


Ismail Kartal and his team earned a total of 19 points with 6 victories and 1 in the 8 league matches where they fell behind. They only lost to . Thus, Fenerbahçe became the team that gained the most points from a losing position in the Super League. gained 17 points in this scenario 17 times, while Samsunspor followed with 14 points after falling behind 21 times. Fenerbahçe's rival in the title race, leader , won 3 out of 4 matches they fell behind, losing to .

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