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Response from Fenerbahçe Club to the Minister of Justice!

Fenerbahçe Club responded to the statement made by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Turkey today.

Here is 's statement:

“We followed with sadness the following statements made by our esteemed , Mr. , which were reflected in the press today.

The statements expressed by our Minister; “The footage will be reviewed. The Republic Prosecutor's Office will evaluate these images. Is there a situation where one goes beyond legitimate defense and causes harm to the other party beyond their own defense? Is there an attack? If a crime has been committed by both sides, whether it be a fan or a player, it will be investigated.”

Throughout the match, amidst an environment filled with thrown water bottles, sharp objects, lighters, and coins, our Football and Technical Staff, who tried to play the game despite these conditions from the first second to the last moment of the 90 minutes,

We consider it an injustice to our Football Team, Technical Staff, and our community that, despite all this pressure and provocation, they did not show the slightest reaction to harm the game, the competition on the field.

The statements allowing the topic to be distorted by those who seek to target Fenerbahçe, who is the victim and the only innocent party in all these incidents, deeply wounded us.

If it is Fenerbahçe, being forced to get used to such attitudes and approaches is a situation we have been trying to explain for years as Fenerbahçe Sports .

Yours sincerely”

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