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Trabzonspor’s Thomas Meunier Exposes Shocking Reality: Knife-Wielding Fan on Field!

As echoes of the Trabzonspor vs. Fenerbahçe match continue, Belgian footballer Thomas Meunier made a statement to the Belgian press regarding the events on the field.

player said the following to the Belgian press:

“I wasn't afraid of the incidents, but they lasted long. The match was stopping every 5 minutes. Because things were being thrown onto the field. Bottles, coins, lighters, bolts, even a tray used in the restaurant. Something was hitting someone each time. There was also a man with a knife. To be honest, players were lucky because there weren't more . It was a trap. It could have been much worse. I didn't experience the fight firsthand because I immediately went to the locker room disgusted by the defeat.”

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