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Fenerbahçe Executive Ahmet Ketenci Slams Galatasaray and TFF Over Super Cup Decision!

Ahmet Ketenci, a Club Board Member at Fenerbahçe, has spoken out regarding the upcoming Super Cup Final against Galatasaray.

Speaking to Sports Director Sercan Hamzaoğlu, Ketenci recalled the postponement of the match between and on April 14, due to coinciding with the Europa rematch.


He stated, “We have seen the decisions made by the Greek Football Federation for the sake of their country's football and the success of their teams. We had discussions with the , asking, ‘Will you do anything for the country's football and for us?' We felt they wouldn't do anything and didn't have any expectations. However, after the events in Trabzon, in a phone call initiated by the TFF himself, a proposal was made, and the date agreed upon by the match planning teams was communicated to our opponent. We were also advised by the TFF in another phone call, ‘It would be good if you could also have a discussion with your opponent.'”

Ketenci further stated, “Both the final decision was said to be with the TFF and it was said that it shouldn't be postponed.” He disclosed that they had spoken with a official, who had promised to discuss the matter with their president and get back to him. However, when a written response came from the TFF, they stated they would evaluate it in their Monday meetings. But when the TFF sent the letter, they responded in writing, ‘We have made all our plans according to April 7.' We weren't surprised at all. We have seen this insincerity multiple times. The same person who said in a ‘The decision-making mechanism for the is the TFF,' and then later said the match will be on April 7, is the same person. They could have at least held their Monday meeting, evaluated it, and then responded without eating their words.”

Continuing his remarks Galatasaray, Ketenci said, “One person makes a statement, saying the decision-maker is the TFF. Another person jumps in, saying the atmosphere is bad, it would be better to postpone it. ‘You give us a date, we'll evaluate it right away,' they say. The rest is history… Anyway, the situation is clear from our side. ‘They have prepared a feast of wolves. They are trying to devour us, but sorry, we are too big for them, they cannot devour us!'”

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