Fenerbahçe’s Bold Plan: Ferdi Kadıoğlu Transfer Strategy!

Fenerbahçe is making astronomical plans for the transfer income of rising star Ferdi Kadıoğlu. It is expected that many of Europe's giant clubs will knock on Fenerbahçe's door for Ferdi Kadıoğlu. Ali Koç had hinted at the departure of the national footballer at the end of the season in a statement he made last month.

's successful player is on the radar of Europe's giant clubs.

With his performance, Kadıoğlu, who is indispensable for Fenerbahçe and the , has high expectations from the Yellow-Navy team.

While it is expected that the doors of Fenerbahçe will be knocked by giant clubs for Ferdi Kadıoğlu at the end of the season, the Yellow-Navy team will not consider any offer other than astronomical ones.

According to TRT Sport's report, and are among the teams expected to make offers for Ferdi Kadıoğlu.

Meanwhile, had indicated the departure of the player in a statement he made on a program he attended last month, saying, “My guess is that Ferdi Kadıoğlu will embark on a new journey at the end of the season.”

Ferdi Kadıoğlu, who played a total of 41 matches this season, played for 3458 minutes and achieved of 3 goals and 4 assists.

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