Contract Renewal: Fenerbahçe Offers İsmail Yüksek a New Contract and Salary Increase!

Fenerbahçe has taken action for İsmail Yüksek, who has been among the indispensables of İsmail Kartal this season and has attracted attention with his performance. While the Yellow-Navies prepare to sit down at the table to extend the contract of the National player, who has many suitors from Europe, İsmail Yüksek's new salary has also emerged.

There has been a flash development regarding İsmail Yüksek, who has been making a name for himself with his performance at Fenerbahçe. It is learned that the Yellow-Navy Management will renew the contract of the 25-year-old player.


Fenerbahçe will sit at the table for the second time with the player they signed a new contract with at the beginning of last year. The increasing offers to the national star play an important role in the Management’s decision.


It was reported that Fenerbahçe will raise İsmail Yüksek’s salary from 10 million liras to 25 million liras. Meanwhile, the Yellow-Navies also want to add a release clause to the star player’s contract.

İsmail Yüksek, who was transferred from Gölcükspor for 65 thousand euros in 2020, is currently valued at 10 million euros in the market.


Teams from France and Germany are monitoring Fenerbahçe’s young star. Especially Lyon and Bayer Leverkusen are expected to knock on Fenerbahçe’s door for İsmail Yüksek at the end of the season.

The national star, who played in 42 matches this season, scored 1 goal and made 5 assists.

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