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Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç Makes Important Statements to Journalists!

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç made statements regarding the fan incidents during the Trabzonspor match and the expected disciplinary actions by the PFDK (Turkish Football Federation Professional Football Disciplinary Committee). Additionally, Koç spoke about the decision to withdraw from the league, which will be evaluated on April 2nd.

Journalist Lube Ayar shared the details of the conversation session held with . The of the Yellow-Navies, who will evaluate the withdrawal from the league at the extraordinary general assembly on April 2nd, made statements.

“We received written approval from sponsors”

Ali Koç stated, “We have come to this point because we have normalized abnormality. We will consult with all possibilities with our on April 2nd. We have talked to all our sponsors and received their written approvals; wherever we go, they will be there,” he said.

Relegation, suspending football activities for a while, acquiring a team…

Koç said, “We will also negotiate with banks for our loans. We have three options ahead, which are bad, worse, and worst. Relegation, suspending football activities for a while, or acquiring a abroad are also possibilities. But this will be clarified at the congress,” he said.

Continuing his words, Ali Koç said, “I cannot say definitively what we will do right now. But I guarantee that we will not act as if nothing happened.”

“Those words were not spoken hastily or in anger”

Stating that he has held the same feelings and thoughts since the statement he made on FBTV after the match, Ali Koç said, “They say, ‘Stay calm.' We are extremely calm. I made the statement after hours of discussion with our board members. Those words were not spoken hastily or in anger,” he said.

“They cannot punish us”

Koç said, “When hundreds of people stormed the field, they say to our players, ‘If they hadn't fought.' They celebrated in the middle of the field in , threw their goalkeeper in the air, and nothing negative happened. But they said to our players, ‘If they hadn't celebrated in the middle of the field in Trabzon.' An expert who carefully observed this incident said, ‘Pray, your players responded firmly to the masked man, and the courage of those who entered the field later was broken.' They cannot punish us. If they do, they will bear the responsibility.”

Koç, stating that he cannot say that the events on March 17th were organized by Trabzonspor, emphasized that the plot was based on losing points and losing the . President Ali Koç, emphasizing the negligence of the police during the events in Trabzon, stated that Fenerbahçe's security personnel and the orange-vested security officers fulfilled their duties fully.

“You can withdraw the team from the field if you want”

Ali Koç stated that he reached İsmail Kartal by phone around the 60th minute of the match and said to the coach, “The authority is yours, if you want, you can withdraw the team from the field.” Ali Koç stated that İsmail Kartal's son Emre was seriously beaten, vomited all night without his father's knowledge, and the doctor they visited the next day reacted to the family for not bringing Emre during the night.

Stating that dialogue channels with Trabzonspor are open after the incidents, Fenerbahçe President said that he had spoken with Ertuğrul Doğan a few times and the manager Ahmet Ketenci about 30 times.

“Blood, sweat, and tears will be shed in the decision we make”

Ali Koç said, “This matter has been taken out of the natural competition between two clubs. Is someone trying to create social problems through football? After this incident, we have three options ahead of us. Bad, worse, much worse… Blood, sweat, and tears will be shed in the decision we make; that's for sure. Our sponsors have committed to continue their 20 million Euro contributions,” he said.

“Neither the TFF nor the politicians sent us a get-well-soon message”

Koç said, “Neither the nor the politicians sent us a get-well-soon message. I'm not saying anyone should be dismissed from their duties. Because if we say so, they will do the opposite. That's why I say they should not be dismissed,” he said.

“Hundreds of people stormed the field, and only 12 people were processed”

Fenerbahçe President, saying they thought, “Will another championship of ours be taken away by coercion?” said, “Hundreds of people stormed the field. Only 12 people were processed. The President of Trabzonspor hosted my son there. If he knew there was such an organization, he wouldn't have shown this approach,” he said.

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