Bright Osayi Samuel: “Field Invasion Forced Us to Defend Ourselves”

Following the incidents that occurred after the Trabzonspor - Fenerbahçe match, where Osayi-Samuel punched a fan who entered the field, the issue had remained a topic of discussion for a long time. The Nigerian player of the yellow-navy team made a new statement regarding the events.

The incidents that occurred during the Trendyol match played between and on the evening of March 17th continue to keep the agenda hot. While referrals are awaited on one hand, footballers involved in the said incidents also occasionally express their views. Fenerbahçe's star player Bright , who was seen punching a Trabzonspor fan after the match and remained on the agenda for a long time, made a new statement about the events.


Speaking to Nigerian journalist Adepoju Samuel during the international break, the 26-year-old right-back provided more details about what happened in the viral moments on social media. Emphasizing that the match should not have ended like that, -Samuel said, “I think they should have finished the match. Our goalkeeper was hit with an object and was bleeding, minutes later there was a free kick and they scored a , how is that possible? We had to defend ourselves because this was insane.”


Stressing that the who entered the field were dangerous, the Nigerian footballer said, “As players, we were right to retaliate because some of these fans had weapons. If one of our players gets injured, it becomes not only the clubs' but the whole league's problem. Footballers don't want to come to a place where they don't feel safe and where they could get hurt. Objects thrown onto the field are not only in Turkey but everywhere, however, when it goes overboard, the has to stop the game.”

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