British Press: English Clubs in Race for İsmail Yüksek!

A striking claim has emerged from the British press regarding İsmail Yüksek, whose performances for Fenerbahçe and the national team have caught the attention of European clubs. The British media has named the teams interested in the star footballer.

İsmail Yüksek attracts new suitors every day at . According to the British press outlet HITCH, the clubs pursuing the national footballer have been listed.

The report particularly significant interest from towards İsmail Yüksek.

While it is emphasized that the player, who will be one of 's regulars in , is also being monitored from , the names of 5 teams from England are prominent.

According to HITC's report, İsmail Yüksek is being pursued by Hotspur, , and Newcastle United from England.

Additionally, and Wolves are also in the mix for the 25-year-old footballer.

İsmail Yüksek has appeared in 42 matches for Fenerbahçe this season.

The national star has contributed with 1 and 5 assists in these matches.

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