Fenerbahçe Players Say No to League Withdrawal

Prior to the critical meeting between the Fenerbahçe management and the players, the yellow-navy players held a meeting among themselves. Footballers considering the possibility of withdrawing from the league expressed their opinions one by one.

In , where various possibilities including withdrawal from the league will be discussed at the extraordinary general assembly meeting on April 2, following the controversial match at , the players also exchanged views.

According to Sabah Newspaper's report; , speaking at the high council meeting the day before yesterday, emphasized the seriousness of the situation and stated that he would also meet with the players.

The anticipated summit did not take place at Samandıra yesterday. It was learned that Koç postponed the historic meeting to today due to his duties, but the players discussed the team's situation among themselves.

It was noted that the players, who extensively discussed the incidents, did not favor withdrawing from the league and wanted to continue the struggle.

In the meeting attended by the coaching staff, it was expressed that they are in a very critical period in the race and they do not want to quit the competition at this point, emphasizing everyone's individual thoughts.

The yellow-navy decision to continue unanimously requested that coach İsmail Kartal convey this to the management.

Speaking before the practice session, the players said to Kartal, “We have not had an easy journey, the management is right about putting up a reaction. Of course, we will respect the decision to be made by the management in the general assembly and afterwards, but we do not want to withdraw from the league. Let's continue until the end. We will give the necessary response on the field by defeating everyone and becoming champions. The best response to all of this will be us lifting the championship trophy.”

It was reported that the experienced coach, influenced by the team's ambition, will convey his students' perspective to the management.

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