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Fenerbahçe Responds to Trabzonspor Match Disciplinary Referrals

Fethi Pekin, the Legal Affairs Responsible Board Member of Fenerbahçe, made a statement regarding the disciplinary referrals (PFDK) of the Trabzonspor-Fenerbahçe match.

Following the incidents that occurred after the - match, disciplinary referrals were made. Bright -Samuel, , and İrfancan Eğribayat from Fenerbahçe were referred to the . , the yellow-and-navy 's legal affairs responsible board member, made a statement on the official website regarding the referrals.

The statement from Fenerbahçe reads as follows:


“Dear , following the organized and planned lynching attempt we faced in the Trabzonspor match, the referral of our athletes to the Professional Football Discipline Board once again reveals all the facts. What we have been meaning since the first day of this process is now clearer after these decisions. Our players only tried to defend themselves on the field. They exercised their right to self-defense. However, unfortunately, their attitude, entirely aimed at defending themselves, was referred to the PFDK for a reason that does not align with reality, such as ‘fighting with opposing fans', and the reflex of our players to protect themselves and their teammates was disregarded. The right of an individual to self-defense is considered one of the fundamental rights in both national and international legal norms. We will fight to the end to defend this right.”

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