Dusan Tadic: You can’t always score these goals from a distance!

Fenerbahçe hosted Adana Demirspor in the 31st week of the Turkish Süper Lig. The home team Fenerbahçe won the match 4-2, maintaining their pursuit of the top spot. After the match, Fenerbahçe players Dusan Tadic, İrfan Can Eğribayat, and Serdar Dursun made statements.

In his statement, said, “I hadn't scored from that distance before. You can't always score these goals from a distance. Today, the important thing was to get the three points. We managed to make our happy with the result we achieved. We played very well in the first half of the match. We had a strong performance. We had gone there to play our football. We wanted to make our fans happy, and we succeeded. The important thing was the three points. You shouldn't dwell too much on the past. You always need to look to the future. Football is a cruel game, actually. You always have to give your best.”

İrfan Can Eğribayat, after the match, said, “First of all, I congratulate my teammates. Our unity had increased in Trabzon. Even the best goalkeepers make mistakes. I tried to stay in the game despite the mistake. It was a good match, and I congratulate too. told me at halftime, ‘Don't worry; I'll come in the second half and score one.' I'm not someone who dwells too much on mistakes. We take each game as it comes, now we have seven left. We want to reach a happy ending at the end of the season.”

Serdar Dursun, after the match, said, “It was nice. I always dreamed of scoring in atmospheres like this. I wanted to return to . When opponents are ahead, they want to slow down the game, but when we are ahead, Fenerbahçe becomes a completely different team. The team was calmer today. Looking at the game, it was a deserved victory.”

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