Post-Match Reactions: Edin Dzeko Speak Out Following Fenerbahçe’s Victory Over Karagümrük!

In the 32nd week of the Turkish Super League, Fenerbahçe defeated Fatih Karagümrük 2-1 in a match where they were 1-0 down. The Yellow Canaries increased their points to 85. Fenerbahçe captain Edin Dzeko made statements after the match.

won the match 2-1 with 's in the 49th minute and 's penalty goal in the 57th minute. Fenerbahçe, who achieved their 6th consecutive victory, increased their points to 85.

said, “I congratulate our women's team on winning the EuroLeague. You did a great job. Lately, we have been starting the matches a bit slow. We are making a lot of passing mistakes. It was the same in the first half. We conceded the first goal after losing possession. It is harder to turn the match around after conceding the first goal, but maybe we needed to concede the first goal to wake up. We played well in the second half. In fact, we could have wrapped up the match early. We had chances to do that. The most important thing was to get 3 points. Karagümrük is a good team. They don't deserve their position in the league. (Edin Dzeko became the 5th foreign player to reach 20 league goals in a single season with the .) That's why Fenerbahçe brought me here. I'm trying to do everything I can. Not just by scoring goals but also by contributing to the team on the field, by fighting. I think all players, regardless of who they are, should fight and run for the team. Everyone should run a lot when going forward and when coming back. This is how you can help the team the most. This is the mentality of our team. Everyone should think about the team before themselves. If the team performs well, individual performances can also be good. We could have done better, but that page is behind us now. We are turning a new page. We are focusing on the next match. I call on our to come to the match and show their support, not boo.”

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