Fenerbahçe’s Olympiacos Prep: Djiku, King, Ünder Return to the Team

In Fenerbahçe, where preparations for the Olympiacos match have started, Alexander Djiku, Joshua King, and Cengiz Ünder, who have recovered from their injuries, trained with the team throughout the session. Except for Jayden Oosterwolde, who underwent surgery, there is only one absence.

Fenerbahçe, who will host in the quarter-final second leg on Thursday, April 18th, held their first training session.

Under the guidance of coach İsmail Kartal, the training session took place at the Fenerbahçe during the noon hours.

Players who were in the starting lineup for the 2-1 victory against VavaCars match conducted a regeneration program during training.

Other players completed the training with warm-up, agility, passing drills, and small-sided games.

Alexander , , and Cengiz Ünder trained with the team throughout the session at Fenerbahçe.

The only absence at Fenerbahçe, besides , who underwent , is Yandaş.

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