Michy Batshuayi’s Huge Contribution to Fenerbahçe’s Title Race

Fenerbahçe's striker Michy Batshuayi is experiencing a career season with his goal contributions per minute this season. Catching attention with goals scored after coming off the bench, Batshuayi has directly earned his team 15 points.

Belgian star striker of draws attention with his goal contributions to the team in matches where he has come off the bench in the league this season.

The Belgian player resembles the performance of Semih Şentürk, who was nicknamed “substitute striker” and also experienced the position, with his goals scored after coming off the bench in the yellow-navy team.

The 30-year-old player, who transferred to Fenerbahçe from at the beginning of last season, is experiencing one of the most consistent seasons of his career in terms of goals.

, who played 1860 minutes in all competitions in his first season after the , managed to contribute 20 goals to his team. In that season, with Portuguese coach at the helm, the team preferred a double striker formation, and Batshuayi regularly found opportunities to play.

However, in this season, which started with coach İsmail Kartal, despite mainly being on the bench, he is experiencing the most successful season of his career in terms of goals. Serving as a substitute forward behind Bosnian striker in the league, Batshuayi supports his team by coming off the bench and contributing with goals.

Batshuayi started in only 1 match in the league this season

This season, while Fenerbahçe played 32 matches in the league, Batshuayi started in only 1 of them. In that match, Fenerbahçe defeated Kayserispor 4-3 away, and the Belgian striker secured the victory with 3 goals.

Batshuayi scored his other 7 goals in matches where he came off the bench.

Batshuayi, who was appointed to the starting 11 in all 3 matches played by Fenerbahçe in the Turkish Cup this season, contributed 6 goals to his team there.

In Europe, while the yellow-navy team played a total of 15 matches, Batshuayi participated in 12 of them. Starting in 10 of these matches, the striker managed to score 6 goals.

Career season in terms of goals per minute

Michy Batshuayi is having his best season in terms of goals per minute this season.

Before coming to Fenerbahçe, Batshuayi had his most prolific seasons in terms of goals in 2017-2018 at and , in 2013-2014 at Standard Liege, and in 2015-2016 at Marseille, but he reached the peak of his career with Fenerbahçe.

In the season of 2017-2018, Batshuayi provided 21 goal contributions in 2,329 minutes, averaging 110 minutes per goal contribution. In 2013-2014, the striker, who played for 3,764 minutes, scored 23 goals, averaging 163 minutes per goal. Batshuayi also scored 23 goals in the 2015-2016 season, playing 4,150 minutes and managing to score 1 goal in 2 matches.

Batshuayi experienced his best periods in this regard at Fenerbahçe. The Belgian star, who scored 20 goals in 1860 minutes last season, showed his most successful performance by providing 1 goal contribution in 93 minutes.

The experienced striker surpassed last season's statistics with his performances this season. Batshuayi, who played 1,516 minutes this season, managed to contribute 22 goals in all competitions, providing 1 goal contribution every 69 minutes.

1 goal every 47 minutes in the league

Michy Batshuayi scored 1 goal in every 47 minutes he played in the league this season.

Although the experienced striker did not get much playing time in the league this season, he still made important contributions to his team.

Batshuayi, who has played a total of 474 minutes in the league so far, has scored 10 goals, contributing significantly to his team's points.

5 goals in the last 6 league matches

Michy Batshuayi contributed 5 goals in the last 6 league matches he played for Fenerbahçe.

In these matches, where he played a total of only 106 minutes, Batshuayi scored 5 goals, achieving a striking statistic of 1 goal contribution in every 21 minutes.

Moreover, Batshuayi scored in all of the last 4 league matches he played.

Goals reflected in the league table

Michy Batshuayi provided important points to his team with the goals he scored after coming off the bench.

Deployed onto the field during minutes when Fenerbahçe needed more goals, the star player managed to meet expectations to the fullest.

Batshuayi has directly earned his team 15 points this season with the goals he scored.

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