Fenerbahçe changes transfer strategy: Decision on 3 players

Fenerbahçe has set its transfer strategy ahead of the new season. The Yellow-Navy team will not sell three of its star players unless there is an astronomical offer. Unlike previous seasons, Fenerbahçe's management does not plan to make significant reinforcements during the summer transfer window.

Entering the season with the motto of and making ambitious signings, currently sits 4 points behind leader with 4 weeks remaining.

Meanwhile, the path to be followed in the summer window at Fenerbahçe has also been determined.

According to 's report, if the championship does not come this season, Fenerbahçe will largely maintain its squad.

The key figures in Fenerbahçe's transfer, Kadıoğlu, , and İsmail Yüksek, will also play a tough seller role.

In the news emphasizing the expectation for to run for re-election and continue his duty, the Yellow-Navy management will not sell these three players unless astronomical offers are received.

Unlike previous seasons where Fenerbahçe made significant reinforcements during the summer transfer window, the club will not proceed with this strategy for the 2024-25 season to avoid any compatibility issues.

Fenerbahçe's management's primary is to maintain the core squad for the upcoming season.

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