Fenerbahçe Sets 40 Million Euro Price Tag: Ferdi Kadıoğlu and İsmail Yüksek in High Demand

An assertion has been made regarding Bayer Leverkusen's interest in Fenerbahçe's successful footballers Ferdi Kadıoğlu and İsmail Yüksek. Fenerbahçe is expecting a total of 40 million euros in transfer fees for Ferdi Kadıoğlu and İsmail Yüksek.

Kadıoğlu and İsmail Yüksek, who have become targets in Europe this season due to their performances at , have been subject to a new claim.

, which has had a dream-like season under the management of Xabi Alonso, is said to be interested in and İsmail Yüksek.

According to Sabah's report, Xabi Alonso is keeping an eye on the two players.

While it was mentioned in the news details that Leverkusen had also monitored İsmail Yüksek last season, it was stated that Xabi sees Ferdi Kadıoğlu as suitable for his system due to his versatility.

On the other hand, it was reported that Fenerbahçe has set a total value of 40 million euros for Ferdi Kadıoğlu and İsmail Yüksek.

It was emphasized that Fenerbahçe demands 25 million euros for Ferdi Kadıoğlu and 15 million euros for İsmail Yüksek.

Ferdi Kadıoğlu, who played 47 matches and 3964 minutes this season, achieved 3 goals and 5 assists.

İsmail Yüksek also played 47 matches, spending 3555 minutes on the field, and contributed with 1 and 6 assists.

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