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Fenerbahçe Sports Club Celebrates 117th Anniversary!

Fenerbahçe Sports Club, which operates in 9 branches of Turkish sports and has achieved countless successes, is celebrating its 117th anniversary.

has released a statement on its 117th anniversary.

The statement reads as follows:

On the occasion of the 117th anniversary of our 's foundation,

and the 106th anniversary of our beloved founder 's visit to on May 3, 1918,

We celebrate another May 3rd, marking the 117th year of our club's establishment,

with the pride of rightfully bearing the title of ‘The Greatest Sports Club in the World'.

With millions of united under the eternal light of Fener,

we carry the responsibility of the history that played a role in the establishment and development of the Republic of Turkey,

and the responsibility of the young minds following in Atatürk's footsteps and the generations upholding those values.

As a ‘home' for thousands of young athletes in the direction shown by the founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,

our Fenerbahçe, existing with its sons and daughters who compete in Olympics, European championships,

fields, courts, and parquets where our red and white flag waves,

will continue tirelessly working for its country and nation, ceaselessly producing, and remaining the epitome of peaks and the emblem of pride.



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