Injury Update: Non-surgical Treatment for İsmail Yüksek!

İsmail Yüksek, who suffered an ankle ligament rupture in the Beşiktaş derby, had to end the season. While it was a question whether the national player would make it to EURO 2024, a new development occurred.

İsmail Yüksek, who made a mark with his performance at , suffered a major setback in the , where his ankle ligament ruptured.

After İsmail Yüksek's , the chance of missing was also considered quite high.

A new treatment method has been decided for the player who wants to be on the field for EURO 2024.

According to the news in , İsmail Yüksek's treatment will be carried out without .

Yüksek consulted with an expert doctor abroad for this treatment.

The treatment process will be conducted jointly with the doctor.

It is planned that İsmail Yüksek will make it to EURO 2024 with this treatment

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