Fenerbahçe Injury Updates: İrfan Can Kahveci and Osayi Samuel’s Status

Fenerbahçe has released a statement regarding the current condition of Osayi and İrfan Can Kahveci, who were injured during the match against Konyaspor.

In the 35th week of the , drew 0-0 away against . Bright and İrfan Can Kahveci, who started the match in the first 11, got injured early in the second half.

In the 53rd minute of the match, and İrfan Can were replaced by Müldür and Ünder.

Fenerbahçe shared the latest update on the players' health status.


“Following the suffered by our players during the match against Tümosan Konyaspor last night, they underwent MRI scans at Acıbadem Hospital. The examinations revealed that İrfan Can Kahveci has a tear in the posterior lower muscle of his left foot, while Bright Osayi Samuel has edema and bleeding in his left ankle. Treatment for our players has already commenced. We would like to inform the public accordingly.”


İrfan Can Kahveci is expected to be sidelined for 2 weeks. The national star will not be able to play in the matches against and .

While Osayi Samuel is expected to recover in time for the Galatasaray match, the Nigerian player will miss the match against Kayserispor.

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