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Fenerbahçe Presidency Race: Sadettin Saran’s Candidacy Hinges on Ali Koç’s Decision

Sadettin Saran announced that he will not run as a candidate in the elections if Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç decides to run by Friday. Saran stated that if Ali Koç does not become a candidate, he will continue his efforts at full speed.

If does not announce his decision by Friday, said that he will unconditionally run for the starting from Monday.

In his statement, Sadettin Saran said, “If our shows willingness to run by Friday, as per our promise, we will withdraw our candidacy in favor of our President and continue to support our financially and spiritually under his leadership. Otherwise, starting from Monday, we will declare our unconditional candidacy to lead our club; claiming to be the most prepared management in Turkish sports history, we will accelerate our efforts immediately without requiring patience and focus on our success .

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