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Ali Koç Declares Candidacy for Fenerbahçe Presidency

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç has announced his candidacy once again.

In his statement, expressed his gratitude to , who took the step to run for the , thanking him for his seriousness and dedication to the process since the first day, and for his transparent and constructive approach in line with 's interests. Koç shared his evaluation of the meeting with Saran, saying:

“First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Sadettin Saran and his team, who have taken the step to be a presidential candidate in our ordinary election general assembly, and who have been working diligently and seriously since the beginning of this process, and who have consistently maintained a respectful, transparent, and constructive approach in their discourse and actions in line with Fenerbahçe's interests. I believe that the meeting we held today will be a significant turning point for the future of our Fenerbahçe. We have exchanged useful ideas on various issues and had the necessary consultations regarding our common passion, Fenerbahçe.”

Reminding of his previous statement about not running for presidency again, Koç said, “In some of my previous statements, I expressed that I would not be a candidate in our upcoming general assembly. However, I also mentioned in the same statements that if there were extraordinary circumstances, I could reconsider my decision. As it is known, it is evident that our community, including the previous period, has been systematically and increasingly subjected to attacks both on and off the field in the last 20 years as .”

Emphasizing their decision to stand behind the struggle they initiated, Koç concluded his words:

“As a community, we continue to stand up and fight against all these attacks, just as we did on , 2011, and April 4, 2015. The struggle we have initiated for our to reach brighter tomorrows must continue with determination. In the future steps, as a community, we must fight collectively against the quagmire and organized evils plaguing . In this regard, I hereby inform the public that I have decided to run as a candidate in our general assembly, the exact date of which will be announced by our club next week.”

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