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Jose Mourinho to Fenerbahçe? Aziz Yıldırım’s Election Promise Sparks Excitement

Aziz Yıldırım, who is running for president again in the Fenerbahçe elections, stated that if elected, he will bring Jose Mourinho to Fenerbahçe as a head coach.

Speaking to TRT Sport, Yıldırım said, “I will announce my candidacy for the presidency at the meeting we will hold on Wednesday. We will not quarrel with anyone, but we will come within the organization to make even greater. Our struggle is for the greatness of Fenerbahçe, to make it bigger, to ensure its stability. Fenerbahçe is already great, and with small touches, we aim to rectify our mistakes and unite the Fenerbahçe community, bringing together the , , as we did during the process, to ensure Fenerbahçe becomes champion with that unity.”

“I will bring Mourinho to Fenerbahçe”

Emphasizing that he will bring Portuguese coach Jose to the yellow-navy team if elected , Yıldırım stated:

“From now on, Fenerbahçe no longer has the luxury of saying ‘He's one of our own' and continuing with those names. Fenerbahçe should compete with great coaches and great teams. This competition should be both in Turkey and abroad. Fenerbahçe must definitely become champions in Turkey and at least play in the finals abroad. We have been working on this. Last week, I met Mourinho face to face. We had a 2-hour meeting. I said to him, ‘Fenerbahçe needs you, and you need Fenerbahçe.' I told him, ‘Don't come just because I want you to. You started your rise in in 2003, and you can do the same at Fenerbahçe.' He welcomed it. Negotiations between my friends and his managers are ongoing.”

Yıldırım, who said, “Most likely, if we win, I will bring Mourinho to Fenerbahçe,” added, “We no longer want the children to be upset. We need to make a big operation to make them happy. We will also get players according to his desire. He told us that he watched the match live and expressed what he saw there. We were also pleased to hear that. He is also working. If my other friends win, I would also like them to come to Fenerbahçe. He is an important coach and would contribute greatly to Fenerbahçe.”

They will compete against Ali Koç for the second time

President Ali Koç had previously announced that he would run for presidency again.

The two rivals had also run for candidacy in the ordinary general assembly held in 2018. Ali Koç was elected president with 16,092 votes, while received 4,644 votes.

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