Leonardo Bonucci Retires from Football in Fenerbahçe Jersey

Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci, who joined Fenerbahçe during the winter transfer window, has ended his active football career.

Starting from and showcasing his performances on the world's biggest stages, earned a place among the best center-backs in world football. He concluded his career wearing the jersey.

Leonardo played his final match in Fenerbahçe's game against İstanbulspor, thus ending his football career.

Before Fenerbahçe's match against İstanbulspor, Leonardo Bonucci made the following statements:


“This will be my last match wearing the . It will likely also be the last match of my career. I will make the final decision with my family. I believe the time has come for me to retire from football, and it will most likely be so.

I believe it will be a beautiful match. We already showed last week in the match that we are the true champions.

It has always been a joy for me to wear this jersey. Each of us gave our best on the field for this jersey. For me, this place will always feel like home. I hope we get a good result tonight, finish the season as champions, and make our happy.”

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