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Aziz Yıldırım Sets Date to Bring Jose Mourinho to Fenerbahçe

Fenerbahçe presidential candidate Aziz Yıldırım made important statements during a program in Ankara. Yıldırım announced that, as per their agreement, he would bring Jose Mourinho to Istanbul next week.

The election process at continues. Presidential candidate provided updates on the much-anticipated discussions with Jose .


In his speech, Aziz Yıldırım said, “I am coming to make Fenerbahçe champions. I have no intention of not aiming for the . Önder Bey and I spoke with Mourinho for two hours. We agreed on the terms of his arrival. Then, our colleagues met with his agent. We agreed on a system. We will talk in on Saturday. If the agreement is finalized, there will be no problem. If it is finalized, I will bring Mourinho to Istanbul next week. I cannot comment on transfers without discussing with Mourinho. He is working. If we get names from him, I will announce them. You may ask about for future management; we have no such plans. Mourinho will come. My coach for three years will be Mourinho.”


Yıldırım continued, “After six years, I am here in front of you, refreshed. In January, Fenerbahçe was again going through turbulent times. I said Fenerbahçe needs calm, not just a . In the following days, any candidate who collected 500 signatures could become a presidential candidate. They did this in the name of democracy, but it was wrong. All information in the activity report published by the 's management is considered accurate. We discuss based on that. Then events started to unfold. The current said, ‘As long as I am here, they will not make Fenerbahçe champions.' No matter how much you love Fenerbahçe, you need to step aside. Otherwise, you will harm Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahçe is above politics. It is not just Kadıköy's team; it is a team of the world. Fenerbahçe is a unifying identity. Under this roof, we all live together peacefully, without division. We all strive for Fenerbahçe's success. This will continue to be the case. We Fenerbahçe supporters are not anyone's people; we are Fenerbahçe's people.”


Regarding the club's debt situation, Yıldırım said, “ said, ‘I have no claims against Fenerbahçe.' However, this booklet does not say so. He should come to the congress and donate his claims. He says he has no claims, but it is incorrect to have claims in the booklet. He says he reduced the debt to 317 million euros, but the booklet shows 12 billion. The booklet shows 350 million euros in debt. What they say and what is in the booklet do not match. They say there is nearly 150 million euros of debt to be paid to players by the 27-28 season. They do not mention this. They only say, ‘Aziz left a debt and went.' We have an excess of over 200 million due to assets. I will explain this in detail later. There is no debt story. They tell it as they wish. We will open all facilities to Fenerbahçe supporters. They will be able to enter and exit the club. We will also make arrangements in the stadium. We will reorganize the combined and VIP sections. We will eliminate ticket scalping.”

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