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Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç Meets Players Before Key General Assembly

Before the general assembly meeting to be held tomorrow at Fenerbahçe, the club's president, Ali Koç, met with the footballers at Samandıra.

and board members met with the yellow and navy footballers at the Samandıra .

Explaining the possible decisions expected to be taken at the Extraordinary General Assembly to be held on April 2nd, President Ali Koç asked the players for their personal opinions.

The official statement regarding the meeting from the yellow and navy 's official website is as follows:

“After President's speech, team captains , Dusan , , and İrfan Can Kahveci expressed their views;

Players stated that they are aware of all the injustices done to the Fenerbahçe Football Team on and off the field, and they conveyed to our President Ali Y. Koç and the Board of Directors that they returned from the Trabzon away game as a stronger and more united team and that they want to fight to the end on all fronts.

President Ali Y. Koç expressed his pride in the team's character, stance, and high sense of belonging, stating that the possibility of doing nothing in line with the decisions to be taken on April 2nd is not on the table.

Our Head Coach also said in the meeting that there have been many incidents throughout history and that the was also taken away from them during his time at Fenerbahçe.

While emphasizing that the team is ready for every battle, he stated that they will respect the decision of the General Assembly.”

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