Lyon Club remains persistent for Fenerbahçe’s Ismail Yüksek!

The French giant is not giving up on Fenerbahçe's young player Ismail Yüksek. While continuing negotiations for Rennes' Matic, the French team may increase their offer for Fenerbahçe's star if progress with the Serbian player is not achieved.

fans are focused on potential transfers, but there are offers for several players in the team. The most notable is 's offer for . The French team presented a package reaching 12 million Euros, including an 8 million Euro transfer fee and bonuses, but the Fenerbahçe management rejected it.

Lyon's persistence continues

Lyon has not given up on the Turkish midfielder. According to reports in the French media, Lyon, still in talks for ' , has been unable to reach an agreement. The deadlock in negotiations is due to Rennes demanding 5 million Euros for the 35-year-old player.

Ismail Yüksek's fate left to Fenerbahçe Management

After the developments with Matic, French media reported that Lyon has turned its attention back to Ismail Yüksek. Following coach Pierre Sage's request, a new offer with a higher value for Ismail is expected.

Although Fenerbahçe is open to negotiation starting at 15 million Euros, there is a possibility of lowering the price to 12 million Euros. It is noted that Ismail Yüksek has left the decision entirely to the management for this transfer.

Ismail Yüksek's performance this season

The 24-year-old midfielder has played in 29 matches for Fenerbahçe this season, experiencing the joy of scoring one goal and providing 4 assists during this period.

Ismail Yüksek's contract with Fenerbahçe is set to expire on June 30, 2027. His current market value is 7.5 million Euros. Ismail Yüksek, who has appeared in 12 matches for the Turkish National Team, has successfully scored one goal.

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